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Pragmatic and political measures that President Eisenhower invoked to make better the  country’s economy were increasing social security, unemployment, and minimum wage. One of  the big ways he had helped the economy was by establishing tax cuts. He expanded programs;  such as the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, while implementing benefits to over  10 million workers.  Other ways he was pragmatic was when a project called for leadership he would support them.  The policy of a consensus is used by the ruling party to resolve disagreements and or  differences of views by involving all the parties involved in the disagreement to come to a  solution. Each side puts forth their own ideas and collectively arrives at a consensus, which is 
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Unformatted text preview: an agreement that all parties involved can agree upon. This is done by using everyones ideas as part of the solution. The final agreement reached between the parties is a collective of their ideas. And not just one ruling entity using their own ideas to resolve their conflict. The politics of consensus can also be applied to President Eisenhower when he was in power as President. President Eisenhower was tremendously popular and had a high approval rating. This popularity resulted in the parties being in total agreement or a consensus regarding government policies....
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