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COM 225 Review Sheet 1 The exam items over “material to know from lecture” will be written straight from lecture notes, and items involving content from the text will be written directly from the text. We strongly encourage you to use the text as your primary source for studying/preparing for the exam , and for text information that was covered in lecture study from the textbook first and use your lecture notes to supplement the text. Material to know from Lecture All illustrative examples Work of David Myers and Research Findings All information from Defining Interpersonal lecture (situational approach; primary argument of Miller & Steinberg; 3 levels of information and benefits/costs of each; definition of IPC from Miller & Steinberg’s perspective; implications of their definition) All information from Online Self-Presentation lecture (Facebook facts; Facebook photos; Facebook profiles; Warranting Theory & Implications; The Interview Test) All information from Uncertainty Reduction Theory lecture (basic assumption; 2 kinds;
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Unformatted text preview: axioms) Material to know from Text Note: For each of the chapters, you will not be responsible (on the exam) for knowing the Self-Reflection questions, the Skills Practices, the Pop Quizzes, or the Making Relationship Choices. We do, however, strongly recommend exploring them, as they will help provide you with a vastly deeper understanding of the material! Chapter 1 Helen Torres story (pp. 3-4) All text content found in pages 5-21 (all content up to, and ending at, the section entitled “Research in Interpersonal Communication”) Focus on Culture (IPC across Cultures, p. 25) Chapter 2 Eric Staib story (pp. 37-38) All text content in the chapter (pp. 39-71) Focus on Culture (How Does Media Shape Self-Esteem?, p. 45) Figure 2.3 Chapter 3 Dartmouth-Princeton story (pp. 75-76) All text content in the chapter (pp. 77-109) Focus on Culture (Perceiving Race, p. 89) Table 3.2...
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