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Philos - 2 location Movement to a"china town" type...

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Race and Ethnicity - Patterns of Adaptation Patterns of Adaptation: what do they do when they get here. + USA prefers for assimilation. 1) assimilation: Becoming part of a dominate group 2) Aculturation: Accepting the dominance of the dominant group, and assimilating only where needed, such as at work. But when at home reverting to home language. + Process of assimilation and Aculturation: Time it takes depends on: 1) generational differences; (what generation are you after the immigrants) + first generation - their home country is always their home they will never assimilate. + second generation - easier; america is their home and they have citizenship. just want to fit in. + third generation - almost completely assimilated but if they have contact to elders such as first gen, they begin to question and care about there culture. +++(PUBLIC SCHOOL IS #1 ASIMILATION TOOL)
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Unformatted text preview: 2) location: + Movement to a "china town" type place slows down the process 3) money: + Money allows people to move away from the first place they come to allowing them to assimilate at a slower rate. 4) Marrage: + Being married to someone from america is a major speedup, because of proximity. Adaptation philosophies in the US: what the us believes foreigners should do, in regard to conforming 1) Anglo-Conformity, (1607 - 1960) + more difference more problems. - the more you are like us the better.- sprouts nationalism. ++ nationalism: the general dislike of foreigners. 2) Melting Pot ideal: We are all the same lets get together!- a pretty pot inspired story.- never really existed. 3) Cultural Pluralism - the new idea.- everyone brings a little to the table- not melted together but chopped up like a salad each piece savored....
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Philos - 2 location Movement to a"china town" type...

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