Africans - Race and Ethnicity Africa Africans Africa...

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Africa / Africans: Today africans are the largest minority in the us + Africa is know as the dark continent at this time. -dark and mysterious - the world "others" africa. +The slave coast: This is the coast on which slaving became a popular practice English travel to Upper and Lower Guinea. Upper Guinea: Advance civilization. - City states - Cosmopolitan - Monotheistic - Traded with most of the world. + Trans-Saharan trade: A major trade route that goes throughout the world at this time, basically could get anything you wanted on it. -Major trade of culture. -Women would go and collect local trades, and give them to the men who would take them on the long distance trades. Lower Guinea: Agricultural based civilization. - farmers and nomads, land was generally owned by the community. - Polytheistic: Their god was devoid of sex, to represent both in culture. - This different belief systems all over the place. +African Traditional Religions: For the course of this class all these beliefs will be called by this title, but there is a lot of others that aren't covered. -Dual sex principal: Both sexes are represented by there corresponding king / queen. The different sexes elected their representative. -Men covered things such as trade and war. -Women made decisions such as where to live and things that were Important to survival, such as food. -When there was a major decision that couldn't be
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Africans - Race and Ethnicity Africa Africans Africa...

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