RaE- Basics of migration

RaE- Basics of migration - if america thinks they need...

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Race and Ethnicity - Basics of migration Types of Migration: 1) Voluntary migration: + Least # of people - People that are off well enough to survive at home but want better conditions. - english, germans, italians 2) Forced Immigration: + slaves - generally african american 3) Economic Migration: + not enough money to survive in their home location. - Mexicans, Irish, indentured servants - most of the time they are just intending on staying in america as long as it takes for conditions to get better at home. Displaced persons: people granted solace from their country.
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Unformatted text preview: + if america thinks they need it (declares their country a bad place) ++Refugee: groups of displaced people from their country (allowed by USA) ++Asylum: just one person- you have to have value of some sort to be granted asylum status. Push and Pull factors: Forces of expelling factors such as hardships at home country ( push), and (pull) ing factors such as the promise of work and money.-(remember to write down for every group as it is important)...
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