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RaE- Invention of White - minority they began to include...

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Race and Ethnicity - Invention of the white race: Invention of the white race: In the 1800's to be white it ment to be a anglo - saxon -very few people who would be considered white today are white by original standards.\ At this time (1800's) white represented god, and all things good, wile black represented the devil and all things bad. +This is where the terms white and black originated from good and bad race. +yellow for asians: yellow means cowardly ++The definition of white changes over time in 1900's As the threatened "whites" started to become the numerical
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Unformatted text preview: minority they began to include other fair skinned people into their category of white.- one example is the irish who were welcomed in after a mass migration of even more non white people. ++Minority doesn't always mean numerical, (or majority) its more of the status in society.-generally immigrants who put value on education tend to move up on the ladder. (might be smart to put this in my social hierarchy notes lol)...
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