RaE- Racial Heirarchy

RaE- Racial Heirarchy - leads to racism and things such as...

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Race and Ethnicity: Racial and ethnic Hierarchy Racial and Ethnic Hierarchy in the USA: + All country's have a hierarchy. + In the usa it is as follows: - Whites (top) | | <---- everyone else (fluidly moves around) | Blacks (bottom) +(It is human nature to place people around you and yourself into a hierarchy) The other: Putting everyone else other then people like yourself into a different categorization.
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Unformatted text preview: + leads to racism and things such as eugenics ++Eugenics: trying to breed the perfect race of people. + Sterilization is a method (think holocaust) ++ Phrenology: seeing bumps on a skull and telling from them mental characteristics- medical lunacy - was discredited when it was realized they couldn't tell the difference unless you gave a predetermined race (which is just racism at heart)...
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