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Cultural Anthropology 08/27 Old View: Earth was center of the universe, Bible was guidebook -natural theology -fixity of species -Great Chain of Being -Grand Design -James Ussher (lived in 1600s)-“discovered” when “God” created the Earth using the Bible-date: 4004 B.C. l -John Lightfoot- did same thing and got 4004 B.C. and also got Oct 23 at 9:30AM -James Utton and Charles Lyell-fathers of modern geology- -Lyell-uniformitarianism -unilineal cultural evolution(comparative)-very ethnocentric- --Lewis Henry Morgan-savagry-barbarism-civilization -E.B. Tyler did it in terms of religion-animism-polytheism-theism -Franz Boas-(relativistic)father of American Anthropology-American Historical
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Unformatted text preview: Particularism-necessary for cultural relativism-culture is not biological-functionalism-(holistic)cultures can be defined by the functions that they perform-Malinowski and Radcliffe Brown-Anthropologists use the comparative perspective-neo-evolutionists: Leslie White-technological determinist 1) tools 2) domestication of plants and animals 3) use of fossil fuels 4) atomic energy Julian Steward-cultural ecologist: people’s interaction with their environment shapes their culture-“culture area”-people who live in a similar environment, should have a similar culture Elman Service-societies progress Marshall Sahlins Morton Fried...
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