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Cultural Anthropology 09/08 Thought: humans divided into discrete biological types-races Cultural construct Cline/clinal distribution of humans Believed that people were less than human Europeans reached civilization sooner-higher intelligence Polymorphisms-skin color: melanocytes-melanin (protects from sun) Humans-have mobility and gene flow Samuel Morton-focus on races-tried to prove that there was a difference in intelligence between “whites” and other races Franz Boas-proved that intelligence doesn’t vary between “races”
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Unformatted text preview: Diffusion-take things and ideas from neighboring groups Reification-when everyone becomes a number Hair-coarse hair allows it to keep off of skin to keep it cooler Body shapes-Bergman’s Rule-rounder bodies are more adaptive to colder climates Allen’s Rule-arms and legs are shorter in colder climates Retzius-study of heads-found that rounder heads are found in colder climates Hypoxia-how much oxygen you take in when you inhale Epicanthic fold-eye fold-theory-latitude of sun injures eye...
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