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A decision I made with work concerning my career was my decision to end my tour of duty with the military. This was a bi decision I had to figure out where I was going to go from there. Would I attain school, find a new job right way, or due both. Where would I choose to live and if I would get a house or an apartment. Some of the tradeoffs I faced was losing long term friends but gaining a better relationship with my daughter. My daughter benefited the most out of me deciding to exit the military. I was bouncing around a lot from country to country state to state and she was in
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Unformatted text preview: Michigan, so were rarely got to see each other. The alternative from me getting out the, military was for me to stay in and try to get custody of my daughter. All that would have done was solved one problem with another. If I would have got custody then she would still be without one parent her mother. I think this particular action that I took was the best she gets to see both of her parents even though we still do not stay in the same state. It is much easier for us to see each other since I’m no longer moving around and deploying....
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