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Health Care Industry - Industry Description 1 Health Care...

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Industry Description 1 Health Care Industry Joe White American InterContinental University
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Industry Description 2 Healthcare is one of the largest industries and provides over 14.3 million jobs for wage and salary workers. Out of 20 of the fastest growing occupations 10 of them are in the healthcare industry. There over 550,000 establishments making up the healthcare industry. They vary greatly in staff, size, patterns, and organizational structures. They treat, diagnose, and administrate care around the clock to millions ranging from newborns to terminally ill personnel. Hospitals provide complete medical care some specialize in childcare, mentally ill, and cancer patients. Nursing and residential care provides continuous nursing care, but does not require hospital services. Offices of physicians make up about 36 percent of all healthcare establishments, and offices of dentist about 20 percent. Home healthcare services are supervised by physicians, and mainly provided to the elderly. The offices of chiropractors, optometrists,
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Health Care Industry - Industry Description 1 Health Care...

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