The three bankers Ben Bernanke

The three bankers Ben Bernanke - make it easier or business...

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The three bankers Ben Bernanke, Jean-Claude Trichet, and Masaaki Shirakawa might be considered more powerful than most countries leaders. Unlike countries leaders they are appointed not elected to their top government jobs. They are consider more powerful because, in 2009 they determine whether the global economy avoids calamity. In 2008-09 the banks lowered interest rates to maintain price stability and increase the money supply. To improve the monetary policy I would control the amount of money that is circulating. I would lower interest rates but limited the amount of money that can be bowered. Also I would
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Unformatted text preview: make it easier or business loans lowering their rates until they were back in the positive. Once they were back making money their rate would go increase. If a business was struggling to make money I would make it easier for them to refinance. So that their interest rate could lower but, with the notification that once they are making money the rate would increase. I wouldn’t increase it back to where it was but a little higher so the banks still make money off their investment....
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