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Microsoft Excel advance tools such as Min and Max can be use by companies to see their min and max sales per month. They can determine where they lose or gain in that month or annually. It can record their sales over a monthly or annually timeframe. Letting them know the areas where they need to focus on to bring that negative up to a gain. Conditional formatting is a great way for companies to identify who owes them money. They can format the cells by adding color this will help to quickly identifies who’s in debt with them. Other function companies may want to use is the Average function to determine if they are
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Unformatted text preview: staying within their average or going below. Reference cell reference is defined as cells or ranges that are usually based on their position relative to the cell that contains the formula. Absolute cell reference is where the cell reference is to be permanent as the formula is copied, because you have a standard calculation that involves a fixed value. So absolute cell is already done and cannot be change. Whereas if you want to make adjustments to your reference you should use the reference cell reference....
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