The Organization Business Environments

The Organization Business Environments - Business...

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Business Environments The Organization Business Environments Joe White American InterContinental University
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Business Environments There are three types of business environments, in the following paper I will discuss these environments using my prior place of employment the United Sates Army. I will explain the management structure which is also none as the rank structure. The different types of operational issues that you can come across while dealing with certain task at hand. Also, I will discuss impact of potential changes of the role of technology. The first environment I will be discussing is the basic legal environment. In the United States Military the legal aspect is broken down into one acronym UCMJ (uniform code of military justice). Theses codes are broken down into sections via the situation you have offended. The breakdown is broken down into sections by articles the most common known one is article 15, which is more of a referral in the civilian world such as a write up at civilian jobs. But, with an article 15 you can also be sentenced to do extra duty which could included but not limited to lawn work or janitorial work or jail time depending on the offense you violated. The UCMJ is your basic laws you will live by while in the military just as civilians has laws so do the military. Me personally I believe the military laws are a little more strict but with purpose, how can you except a person to protect the country when they can’t follow simple rules. The main
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The Organization Business Environments - Business...

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