capstone chkpt wk 9

capstone chkpt wk 9 - will be dominantly influenced by...

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The United States has much more to change when it come to other ethnic groups and races because there is still discrimination and prejudice going around. As for my own cultural history I have learned that the white population does not make up the majority of the United States population, but indeed we do make up the majority of society who are prejudice and makes most of the rules more different for those who are different. Asians are here in our country buying businesses and such for work and helping their families out. As a result, the face of America is changing. If these trends continue, by the year 2050, the U.S. will have a staggering number of Latinos and Asians. Therefore, the American culture that we know today
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Unformatted text preview: will be dominantly influenced by these cultures. I also se the face of the Unite States changing and looking where more races and ethnic groups will be accepted. To best prepare for the change in race and ethnicity for the United States’ current and future citizens, we should make it heard of that the current citizens as well as the future citizens keep their jobs and homes and make the United states populated with our own. I can also hope that we will change on how much discriminate and all against different races of people who are different from us because in reality if we all learned the truth we are all humans and the same. The skin color and all may be different, but we are made the same....
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capstone chkpt wk 9 - will be dominantly influenced by...

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