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Math 302.102 Fall 2010 Assignment #1 This assignment is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, September 22, 2010. 1. Suppose that the sample space S consists of four outcomes, say S = { a, b, c, d } . (a) Explicitly list all of the possible events . Call this collection of events F . (b) Assuming that each outcome is equally likely, give a succinct formula for P { A } for any event A ∈ F . (In other words, do not simply list P { A } for each possible A . As you know from part (a) , there are a lot of events to list.) 2. Suppose that there are three identical coins, each of which shows heads with probability 3 / 5 and shows tails with probability 2 / 5. Call the three coins A , B , and C . Coin A counts 10 points if a head appears and 2 points if a tail appears. Coin B counts 4 points if a head appears and 4 points if a tail appears. Coin C counts 3 points if a head appears and 20 points if a tail appears. You and your opponent each choose a coin; you cannot choose the same coin. Each of you tosses
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