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Anatomy 1-14-10 1. Robert Hooke: early microscopists, mathematician, when hooke died all photos of him disappeared 2. Anton van Leeuwenhoek: first person to see living cells, used water, discovered that living things were composed of cells 3. Matthias Schleiden: 4. Schwaan: physiologist and looked a animal cells Cell Theory: Matthias schleiden and schwaan 1. All organisms are composed of on or more cells 2. Cells are produced by the division of pre-existing cells 3. Cells are the smallest units that perform all vital functions
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Unformatted text preview: Rudolf Virchow: studied normal human tissues and tumors, confirmed that all living things are composed of pre-existing cells Categories of cells: 1. Sex cells derived from the testis and ovary 2. Somatic cells Light Microscope Using visible light source and a number of lenses Electron Microscope The Cell’s Environment-plasma membrane contains 2 kinds of protein s Integral proteins Peripheral proteins...
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