Anatomy 1-19-2010 - Pseudostratisfied contains stem cells...

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Anatomy Jan 19, 2010 Notes Chapter 3 Tissues Epithelial Tissue-could cover outside surfaces like skin or inside surfaces -characteristics: 1. consists of tightly joined cell groups that are polarized 2. apical surfaces face some environment 3. bottom surfaces anchored to basal lamina 4. lateral surfaces meet other cells of same type 5. cells are continuously being replaced (mitosis) 6. are an avascular layer of cells -microvilli contain actin filaments -cilia: non branching but motile. 9+2 orientation -stereocilia: longest of cell surface specializations. Only kind that branch. Not motile. Contain predominately actin. Only in Male reproductive system. -junctional complex Classification of Epithelia -number of cells -shape of surface layer NUMBER 1. simple epithelium-single layer of cells 2. stratified epithelium- two or more layers of cells SHAPE 1. Squeamous- thin, flat 2. Cuboidal- as wide as they are tall 3. Columnar- taller than it is wide
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Unformatted text preview: Pseudostratisfied contains stem cells but the other 3 don’t Stratisfied epithelia 1. Stratisfied squeamous:flat and platelike 2. Stratisfied cuboidal 3. Stratisfied columnar 4. Transitional Urothelium-have the ability to undergo some stretching a. Example: when the bladder is full as opposed to when the bladder is empty b. Only seen in the renal system(kidney, ureters, urethra, bladder) Types of glands 1. Exocrine glands-contain ducts Types of secretion a. Serous-thin watery(sweat) b. Mucous c. Mixed 2. Endocrine glands a. Secretes hormones Apocrine Glands-arm pit glands. Proteins in secretion. Cause odor Holocrine secretion- the whole cell become secretion-example: Hair follicles Collective Tissue Components:-specialized cells-extracellular fibers-ground substance Functions: c. Structural framework d. contains fat tissuesX e. contains fat tissues...
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Anatomy 1-19-2010 - Pseudostratisfied contains stem cells...

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