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Anatomy 2-11-2010 - Suprahyoid depress Latissimi dorsi...

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Use table 9.2 as a reference No lever/pulleys Not in outline or talked about in class Muscles of the pharynx are constrictor muscles Muscles of the neck Sternocleidomastoid Sterno-origin Cleido-origin Mastoid-insertion Sternohyoid Sterno- origin Hyoid- insertion (only one that doesn’t attach to another bone All muscles below hyoid bone are infrahyoid bones. Above are suprahyoid.
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Unformatted text preview: Suprahyoid : depress Latissimi dorsi muscle-inserts on the medial crest of the intertuberulin groove-moves the shoulder joint-intervated by thoracle dorsal nerve Deep muscles of vertebral column Cervical spinal segments (3,4,5 keep diaphragm alive) Oblique- internal and external oblique attachedfascia involved with vertebral column...
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