Anatomy 3-25-10 - Chapter 21: Cardiovascular System: Heart...

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Chapter 21: Cardiovascular System: Heart A. overview 1. four muscular chambers a. two atria b. two ventricles 2. arteries take blood away from heart 3. veins bring blood to heart 4. capillaries connect arteries and veins a. permit exchange of nutrients, gases and waste products B. pericardium 1. heart sits in the pericardial sac or cavity which is in mediastinum along with thymus, esophagus and trachea 2. pericardial cavity between by pleural cavities 3. outside layer of pericardial cavity is pericardium -formed by serous pericardium (water secreting) a. fibrous pericardium - outside thicken layer b. parietal pericardium - inside serous layer -both secrete a little fluid 4. pericardium that actually surrounds the heart - visceral pericardium ( aka epicardium) C. Structure of heart 1. epicardium - visceral pericardium ( outside) 2. myocardium - actual heart muscle (muscle) a. striated muscle b. intercalated discs c. works as if one large cardiac cell because it cells are inter-related 3. endocardium - inner layer of heart a. connected with endothelium of vessels b. squamous epithelium 4. cardiac skeleton - connective tissue around base of aorta and pulmonary trunk a. stabilizes heart valves b. provides elasticity to help heart to return to original shape after each contraction D. Orientation of heart and external surface of heart - location: mediastinum:portion of the thorax behind sternum, above diaphragm, between lungs -divided into 2 parts -arch of aorta, trachea, esophagus
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Anatomy 3-25-10 - Chapter 21: Cardiovascular System: Heart...

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