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History 111 Discussion Notes 9-10-10

History 111 Discussion Notes 9-10-10 - Peloponnisian...

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History 111 Notes 9-10-10 Battle of Marathon -152 dead -mass burial -Athenians very proud to fight at Marathon -Athenians thought they won -hinted towards democratic -every man had a vote -themistocles was in charge at the time of Marathon Delian League -Persian influence -turned into defense league -spartans weren’t part of league -created friction between Persians and Athenians
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Unformatted text preview: Peloponnisian War-Athenians job was to sit behind wall and enjoy money they have made over 30 years of war-went throught multiple plagues-matured a whole new army throughout war-spartans eventually built a fleet large enough to put up a fight-Persians paid for the Spartans fleet-Spartans won...
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