History 111 Week 7

History 111 Week 7 - History 111 Week 7 in Class Notes The...

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Unformatted text preview: History 111 Week 7 in Class Notes The Franks-Germanic people that inhabited the delta lands at the mouth of the Rhine river-known as federati to the later Roman Empire-in other words, they were allowed to occupy lands on the other side of the Rhine frontier-The Roman Empire traded with them, and used them as a buffer between Gaul and more militant Germans-During the fifth century, as the Empire collabpsed they migrated to the rich agricultural lands of northern France F rankish I ndependence-by 453, due to some political intrigue between the Romans and the leaders of the Franks, the Franks threw off their federated status and renounced alliance with Rome-In 476, Germanic warlord Odovacor deposed last Roman EmperorFranks totally free to pursue their own aims in northern Europe Advent of Clovis- Franks originally barbarian pagans-worshipped a pantheon of gods Wotan: the sky God Tew: the warrior God Thor: the thunder God-origin of some of our days-all kinds and chieftains claimed ancestry to Wotan, the sky god and sort of king of the gods-in 481, one fifteen year old chieftain, Clovis, became king of one small group of Franks-killed off rival family members-brought other Frankis tribes under his rule in five years-486: set up capital at Paris, Isle de France Expansion of F rancs under Clovis-in 496, Clovis prepared for battle against the Burgundians, another Germanic group-Heavily outnumbered, Clovis took an oath to become catholic Christian if victorious-He was, and was one of the first of the Germanic kinds to adopt Christianity-He expanded his control to most of modern France-He died in 511, and at the point his kingdom was divided between his sons Merovingian Dynasty-Clovis, in his life, declared an ancestry both coming from Wotan and from a grandfather, Merovech-nothing is known about Merovech, possibly a mythic figure?-they dynasty founded by Clovis used his name as their name, Merovingians-sons of Clovis: Theuderic, Chlodomir, Childebert, Chlotar-no real succession of power-Generally worked together, but Chlotar emerged as the leader of the group by 561-At Chlotars death, kingdom divided again between four brothersthis time they didnt get along End of Merovingians-Real problem was Francish manner of succession: division of land between sons, or...
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History 111 Week 7 - History 111 Week 7 in Class Notes The...

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