History 111 Week 8

History 111 Week 8 - B ase Concept of Medieval Society...

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Base Concept of Medieval Society -Between lords and knights, peasants, and clerics –once you are you always are -lords and knights -govern and protect society -clerics -those who pray for society -peasants -workers Holy Roman Empire -many associate the Holy Roman Empire with the empire created by Charlemagne -but in reality his empire collapsed after his death in 814 -the empire re-emerges in 962 when king Otto was crowned emperor by Pope John XII Extent of Holy Roman Empire -in heart of HRE are principalities each ruled by semi-autonomous nobles -in the south, the Papal States and the Norman Kingdom of Sicilly Problems from the Outset -The Holy Roman Emperor’s authority often challenged by German nobility and unfriendly popes -The situation was made worse by the fact that the Emperor was elected by the German nobility -In many cases, the opposition nobility disputed election results, leading to civil war The Mother of All Church-State Battles -Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor -under his predecessors, the power of the Church hierarchy increased in Germany -as opposed to the German princes, Henry fostered support of lower level nobles
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History 111 Week 8 - B ase Concept of Medieval Society...

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