History 111 Week 10 In Class Notes

History 111 Week 10 In Class Notes - History 111 Week 10 In...

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Unformatted text preview: History 111 Week 10 In Class Notes The Crusades and Islam The investiture Controversy Continues-The conflict between the popes and the Holy Roman Emperors heightened concerns about sanctifying society-New monastic orders like the Cluiacs and Cistercians formed part of an evolving understanding about what holiness and piety meant- these anxieties afflicted the nobility in particualur, since they had-though the church fathers allowed for just war, the actual act of killing someone was still considered a sin-restore peace Soldiers of Christ-In his struggle with the German emperors Pope Gregory VII dabbled in indulgences for “soldiers of Christ” who would take up his cause-but this appeared to die with him-the new pope, Urban I I, seemed more concerned with calling synods condemning simony, clerical marriage, and the r ival antipope Clement I I I Council of Clermont (1095)-but Urban surprised almost everyone after receiving an embassy from the Byzantine emperor Alexius I in March 1095-That November at the Council of Clermont, Urban announced a mission to liberate the Eastern Christians from Muslim rule A brief histoy of Islam-a Camel trader named Muhammad who had spent his life traveling the East began receiving and preaching divine revelation sin his forties-Poorly received in his hometown of Mecca, he and his followers migrated to nearby Medina in 622-there Mohammad instituted a religious community called Ummah that his successors would spread across the East and Africa over the next hundred years 11 th Century Islam-after 400 years this community had fragmented- Caliphs of the Abbasid dynasty still ruled in Baghdad as part of a theoretically unbroken line from Mohammad-but Turkish nomads who had recently migrated to the Middle East and found...
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History 111 Week 10 In Class Notes - History 111 Week 10 In...

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