Lec Chapter 23

Lec Chapter 23 - Federal circuit cases need a patent...

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12.7.10 Intellectual Property 1. Patent 2. Copyright 3. Marks 4. Trade secrets Maria Genetics Case: Breast cancer gene Intellectual Property: you own exclusivity for a period of time The real way people make profit is through licensing. You file trademarks 1. Original/novel 2. Non-obvious 3. Useful - Patent is a tangible application of an idea, it has to result in something you can touch
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Unformatted text preview: Federal circuit cases need a patent lawyer. Time of claim is called an infringement case. It is called reverse engineering. Prior sale/use – the first person to put it into sale or commercial use is entitled to exclusivity Patent troll – owns a lot of patents but doesn’t do anything with them except to sue to enforce...
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