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Unformatted text preview: Decision Making Continued Decision Making Continued Thinking “Traps” in Decision Thinking “Traps” in Decision Making Framing Framing Being overly influenced by how a problem is explained or seen We don’t need to meet as a group and build a cohesive team prior to starting work on the project as we are all too busy. Confirming Evidence Confirming Evidence Selectively seeking out information that supports your point of view We have some students that work and some that live off campus. We can do most of this remotely don’t you think? Yeah…that stuff the professor said about the steps for building high performing teams…it’s not that important. We won’t go through the “storming” phase. We’ll go right to norming and performing. We’ll be fine. Anchoring Anchoring Giving too much value to the first piece of information received I learned when I first came to campus you can usually start assignments within a week to a few days of the due date and still be fine. So even though the professor warned us, several times, well in advance that we should test the Webex technology out and get comfortable with it early, we were confident we could figure it out the day before it was due. Status Quo Status Quo Favoring decisions that perpetuate the current situation When I am done for the day I have a routine where I eat, I study and then I relax. It would break the status quo to check the CSPD internship postings or spend 15 minutes practicing development of my business vocabulary. Sunk Costs Sunk Costs Making choices that justify flawed past decisions I messed up early with my grades and I only have a 2.4 so there is no reason to work too hard now as a 3.0 is impossible. Chapter 7 Change Chapter 7 Change Everyone Stand Up Everyone Stand Up Kotter’s Approach To Organizational Kotter’s Approach To Organizational Change Ensure that people feel an urgent need for change Get the right people involved to lead the change Create a new strategic vision Make sure the new vision is strategically communicated Empower a broad group of change agents Successfully pull off short­term victories Consolidate the victories and go after more changes Solidify the change in the organizational culture Let’s watch how hard change Let’s watch how hard change can be… Change Change Comfort Routine Mastery Meets… Demanded Growth Constantly Changing Business Environment In order to bring about change…. In order to bring about change…. Be led from the top Must be a compelling reason for change Must be part of old or new vision and values All levels must be involved in determining the “what” and “how” Your role as a follower? What will your boss’ role be? What will your boss’ role be? What new products might we What new products might we have in 5­10 years? What has to change to make What has to change to make that a reality? Change Change Training Training Training Training Show and Tell Guided Practice Follow Up Organizational Change Organizational Change Incremental Strategic Anticipatory Reactive Lewin’s Change Model Lewin’s Change Model Status Quo Unfreeze Change Refreeze Personal Psychology of Change Personal Psychology of Change Positive Emotional Attractors Hope Joy Compassion Excitement Challenge Serenity Growth & Learning Love Respect Negative Emotional Attractors Fear Despair Anger Resentment Jealousy Mistrust Forced Compliance Hate Disdain Positive example of Emotional Positive example of Emotional Attractor You are moving to LA to start your acting career Hope, Joy, Excitement, Challenge, Growth & Learning Negative Emotional Attractors Negative Emotional Attractors I’d like you to implement six sigma to improve productivity. Fear, resentment, mistrust Test #3 Next Tuesday, April 5th Chapters 4 Communication, 6 Chapters 4 Communication, 6 Decision Making & 7 Change 40 Question MC Clicker for Credit Clicker for Credit I have been frustrated, worried, or upset I have been frustrated, worried, or upset previously when asked to make a change True 2. False 1. 50% 50% 1 2 ...
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