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index_plan - number is to be placed in this section of...

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My color scheme is: (list out color scheme colors, and what the colors will be used for on the page.) 80% wide ble. This table will keep my text and objects aligned properly, regardless of the type of browser on which the user views my web site. Table is a simple 3 by 2 table. Top and bottom rows need to be m uild your web page as long as you follow the points given in the prior to lab section for lab 4. When planning your index page, and other pages, put down as much info as possible in the planning sta e made up of text. I will put in a welcome message, describe what can be found on my site, or some other kind of information. much information here because I know it could cause my index page to be too long, forcing the user to scroll down to view my entire index page.
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Unformatted text preview: number is to be placed in this section of index page. Will included an animated welcome picture that I found on the web. Will make sure not to take up too much space here! Navigation system placed here – will include links to other pages and files PICTURE INSERTED HERE Will insert one of my favorite photographs here as part of my index page. Need to scan this ASAP and remember to save it as a .jpg file and not to use any spaces in the file name! I will resize or crop this image so that it does not take up too much space. My goal is to have my entire index page show in a web browser without having the user to scroll down. index.html...
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