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Video Project - C IS 0835 Cyberspace and Society Video...

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CIS 0835 Cyberspace and Society Video Project – Spring 10 Video Project Due April 26 th at 10 PM 25 Points This group project is worth 25 points. This is a group project with 5 people. You are part of a marketing team which has been contracted by the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. They have hired you to promote Philadelphia – anything from the South Street markets to Philly night life. They are trying to attract young people to the area. They also are trying to entice the young talent that all of its academic institutions bring to the area to settle in the Philadelphia or its environs. Your group will create a video ad for your favorite Philadelphia spot or activity. The selection is totally up to your group. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your creativity and professionalism in creating the video. At the end of your ad, I should want to take part in your Philly activity or visit your Philadelphia spot. You can use whatever video equipment you already have, including video cameras, cell phones or digital cameras that shoot video. Please be sure to start this project early – do not wait until the last week. You will need to allow for some time to practice/rehearse, shoot the footage, and edit the video! For editing, a free easy-to-use program is Windows Movie Maker or you can use iMovie if you have a Mac, or use any other movie editing software program of your own choice.
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Video Project - C IS 0835 Cyberspace and Society Video...

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