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website-reviewsheet - Cyberspace Web Site Review Sheet...

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Cyberspace Web Site Review Sheet Common Web Site Acronyms FTP: File Transfer Protocol - a method used to transfer documents across the Internet HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol - the WWW protocol that performs the request and retrieve functions of a server. The primary function of HTTP is to establish a connection with a web server and transmit HTML pages to a browser. HTML: Hypertext Markup Language - a language for creating hypertext documents. URL: Uniform Resource Locator - the unique address to a file on the Internet. CGI: Common Gateway Interface - a server side program or script that can be run from a web page. Web Site Structure Information index.html - This is the name of the homepage (main page) for your web site. Nearly every web site created uses index.html as the main page of its web site. public_html - This is the name of the folder in your Temple University astro account in which all files must be placed in order to use them with your web site.
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