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Christopher Steplight Beginning to Exam 1: 1. What is the one thing that ATC’s and PT’s cannot do? DIAGNOSE 2. What is the medical terminology for a complete separation (usually a ball in socket) where the bone stays out of the socket? SEPARATION 3. How long must an athlete’s paperwork be kept on file in the state of Georgia? SEVEN YEARS 4. The PPE checks for? VITALS, CARDIOVASCULAR SHAPE, PULMONARY, MUSCULOSKELETAL, NEUROLOGICAL, EYES, TEETH, HEAT ILLNESS, AND POSSIBLE LAB WORK 5. To prove someone liable or negligent, what four things must be present? LEGAL DUTY OF CARE, BREACH OF DUTY, BREACH IS PROXIMATE CAUSE OF INJURY, HARM WAS A DIRECT CAUSE OF BREACH OF DUTY 6. An individual commits an act that is not his/her responsibility. MALFEASANCE 7. An individual commits a negligent act while providing care. MALPRACTICE 8. What are some ways to prevent litigation? TELL ATHLETES NOT TO TOUCH AND INJURED PLAYER, KEEP PAPERWORK CURRENT, CONDUCT YOURSELF PROFESSIONALLY, BUY BEST EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE AND MAKE SURE ALL EQUIPMENT IS THE SAME 9. List some life-threatening EMERGENCIES. STROKE, DIABETIC, HEAR OR NECK INJURY, HEAT ILLNESS, LOC, FRACTURES WITH GROSS DEFORMITY 10. An athlete goes into respiratory shock, what were his signs and symptoms? HIS LUNGS WERE UNABLE TO SUPPLY O 2 TO BLOOD 11. The physiological response to heat acclimation takes up to how many days? 14 DAYS 12. Describe the flash-to-bang method. TAKE THE NUMBER BTW THE FLASH OF LIGHTNING AND THE SOUND OF THUNDER AND DIVIDE BY 5 SEC. = 1 mile. RESUME ACTIVITY 30 MINS. AFTER THE LAST LIGHTINING FLASH OR CAP OF THUNDER.
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13. An athlete is laying on the field and has clammy skin with rapid/shallow breathing, and he is also dizzy and has a decreased BP. What is he showing signs of? HEAT EXHAUSTION 14. What are the treatments for a laceration? STOP BLEEDING BY ELEVATING AND APPLYING PRESSURE, CLEAN, SPRAY WITH TAPE ADHERENT, BANDAGE TO CLOSE WOUNDS 15. What are the contraindications for an ultrasound? NO CNS OR REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEMS; BLOOD CLOTS (thrombolitis), VASCULAR PROBLEMS, NOT AFTER ACTIVITY, MYOSITIS OSSIFICATIONS Exam 1- Exam 2 1. Where in the body are the intervertebral disc located? C3-L5 2. Usually posterior lateral because annulus fibrous is the thinnest and posterior longitudinal is the weakest. HERNIATED DISC 3. What is the name of the condition where the spine has a C or S shaped curve? SCOLIOSIS
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Paper - Christopher Steplight Beginning to Exam 1: 1. What...

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