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Theology Midterm Study Guide Part 1

Theology Midterm Study Guide Part 1 - Eschatology the study...

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Eschatology: the study of the turn/pivot in history; conclusion. Enlightenment has its own eschatology. It was a real turning point. We were in darkness, now we have the truth to change the world. Resulted in perpetual peace and a new era in human history. Quest for the historical jesus: It is good but it goes wrong when find only the Jesus we want to find. Election of Israel: Israel is supposed to mediate between God and all other human beings. It is supposed to be a “light to the nations” which compliments the idea that they’re a “holy people,” and a “nation of priests.” Somapneumakton/psychon (1 Cor 15): somapsychon = (present) soul-body; somapneumakton = (future) spiritual-body Gnosticism: told highly complicated myths. The basical mythical story was that there was one God who is good and lots of lesser gods. Believed that our God was a lesser god. Agnostics believed that they came from better gods and wanted to spread their gnosis (knowledge). Gnosticism said that salvation exists in a liberation of the soul from the body.
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