STAT301_8.26.09 - STAT is 5th s f irst, Tuzov 301i n the...

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ws first, Tuzov is 5 th in the table STAT 301 8.26.09 Chapter 1, Lesson 2 Review of the types of Samples: Which type of sample is used for each of the following scenarios? 1. A study is conducted to find out how many undergraduates at Purdue own cars. It is known prior to the study that seniors are more likely to own cars than freshmen. The student population at Purdue is divided into freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors and a random sample of 200 students is selected from each group. Stratified 2. The government wanted to gather some information on unemployment. They randomly selected 5 of the 50 states. From the 5 selected states they randomly selected 3 counties to participate in the study. They then selected 10 individuals from each of the counties to fill out their questionnaire. Multi-stage 3. Anne Landers asked people to send to her a response to the following question. “Do you have children? If so, would you still have children knowing what you know now?” Voluntary Response 4. Ashley wanted to determine the average height of Purdue women students. She did not have the time to measure all Purdue women student’s height so she randomly selected 50 Purdue women students and measured each student’s height and averaged the 50 heights. Simple Random Tony wanted to know how many bears lived in Anchorage, AK, in the summer. With some help, he caught, tagged, and released 50 brown and black bears in a one week period. With some help, he caught 55 bears in another one week period of which 10 were tagged. Capture Release = 50N 1055 Thus: N = 275 How do you select the units in the sample? You can use SPSS or the random number table in the back of the book (Table B). Which way is MORE random? Both methods are equally random. Example:
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STAT301_8.26.09 - STAT is 5th s f irst, Tuzov 301i n the...

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