STAT301_8.24.2009 - STAT301 8.24.2009 Lecture 1, Chapter 3,...

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STAT301 8.24.2009 Lecture 1, Chapter 3, Section 2.6 Statistics is not math. It is the science of collecting, organizing, and interpreting information, which we call data, with the goal of gaining understanding from the data. This is a critical thinking class, and to give you some statistics tools and principles that will help you make wise and educated decisions at work in life. Course is in two parts: 1. Gathering and working with data (graphing, summarizing, designing studies to gather data) 2. Establishing relationships and drawing conclusions from the data (statistical inference) Statistics can be informative and help us to make educated decisions. However not every use of statistics in the media, politics, or our culture is legitimate. Rural vs. urban roads example: “A country drive might be relaxing, but it can also be dangerous. Forty-two percent more fatal crashes occur in rural parts of the country than on busy stretches of highways through cities and suburbs, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Thursday. Focusing on fatal crashes from 1994 through 2003, the study found rural crashes are more likely to involve multiple fatalities, rollovers, and motorists being thrown from the vehicles. Making matters worse, it takes longer for emergency medical services to arrive at the scene…In
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STAT301_8.24.2009 - STAT301 8.24.2009 Lecture 1, Chapter 3,...

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