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For each story in problems 1-5, choose whether a confidence interval (CI) or hypothesis test (HT) is most appropriate, which type of problem it is, and the appropriate distribution. Choices for type of problem: A. 1-sample mean B. Two-way ANOVA C. Matched pairs D. 2-sample comparison of means E. One-way ANOVA F. None of the above # CI or HT Type Distribution ( Z , t , or F ) Story 1 A farmer is interested in whether the number of plants per acre affects the mean yield of corn. He planted 5 plots with 12,000 plants per acre (group A), 5 plots with 16,000 plants per acre (group B), 5 plots with 20,000 plants per acre (group C) and 5 plots with 24,000 plants per acre (group D). He then compared the average yields of the four different groups. 2 Listening to Mozart may improve students’ test scores on average. To examine this theory, 21 subjects worked on two paper-and- pencil mazes, once while listening to Mozart and once while the room was kept quiet (in random order).
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Unformatted text preview: An estimate of the average difference in their performances under the two conditions is then calculated. 3 A scientist wants to determine if pleasant odors have an effect on students’ performance on tests. To examine this theory, 30 subjects were split into two groups. Subjects in both groups worked paper-and-pencil mazes while wearing a mask. The mask was unscented for one group and scented for the other. The means for the groups were compared, and an estimate for the difference of the population means was calculated. 4 A scientist wants to determine if type of odor and type of music played have an effect on students’ test scores. Three odors (good, bad, and none) and three types of music (classical, jazz, and rock) are used in the study. 5 Does the average income for Montana residents exceed $20,000? Assume the population standard deviation is $5,000. Lecture 11B Type of procedure exercises Page 1...
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