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STAT 301 (Traditional and Online) SYLLABUS for Fall 2008 INSTRUCTOR: Mr. Thomas Howell EMAIL: [email protected] OFFICE: MATH 234 OFFICE HOURS: Monday and Wednesday, 9-10:00am. FRIDAY LAB T.A.: Any student may attend the office hours of any STAT 301 instructor. A master schedule of all STAT 301 office hours will be posted on the course website. A STAT 301 T.A. will also be available in a computer lab on most evenings on which an assignment is due (see schedule and room on course webpage). COURSE WEBSITE: http://www.stat.purdue.edu/~gundlach/stat301/ COURSE COORDINATOR: Ellen Gundlach, [email protected] COURSE GOALS: 1) To use elementary statistical methods to analyze data. 2) To draw conclusions from these analyses. 3) To use SPSS statistical software, which will give you the skills needed to use many other types of statistical software. 4) To become critical readers, writers, and thinkers. REQUIRED MATERIALS: 1) The textbook (Moore, McCabe, and Craig, Introduction to the Practice of Statistics , 6th edition, W.H. Freeman), also on reserve in Math library on the 3 rd floor of the MATH building. You can use either the regular paper copy or the e- Book. (The e-Book is much cheaper.) 2) StatsPortal (web resource that accompanies the textbook from W.H. Freeman). Access can be purchased with the textbook or e-Book. StatsPortal contains an online SPSS Manual, applets, study help, etc. 3) Access to SPSS program (see note later in syllabus). 4) Registration with Perdisco online homework and tutoring company ($30 fee). 5) A scientific calculator (graphing calculator is ok but not necessary). 6) An activated Purdue University Computing Center career account. 7) A stapler for labs and any other papers you may turn in. You are expected to attend each class (or listen to each lecture for the online students) and to participate in the discussion and activities. Class participation is worth 5% of your final grade for traditional students. There is an online version of STAT 301 available to hard-working and highly motivated students. If you are interested in switching within the first week of classes, contact the course coordinator, Ellen Gundlach. What is the difference between traditional 301 and the online 301? 1
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These courses will be run in a very coordinated way. The schedule, syllabus, homework, and calibrated peer reviews are exactly the same for both courses. Here are some of the minor differences: Traditional 301 Online 301 Labs In an ITaP computer lab with a t.a. and other students to help. Submit lab in person at end of Friday class time. On your own using detailed instructions. Submit electronically through Blackboard Open Campus. Lectures MW in a classroom with a lecturer, hands-on activities, group work, and opportunities to ask questions in real-time. Watch online lectures during the
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What_to_expect - STAT 301(Traditional and Online SYLLABUS...

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