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Chapter 13 Social Psychology Social Psychology ( Huge Purdue Program ) Our perception of others Attributions ( why and why people do things. What are you going to attribute this action to? ) attribute differently when attibuting others' behavior and your own Romantic Attraction Social Roles ( how authority influence your behavior ) Conformity/Obedience Perceptions of Others Social Cognition: our thoughts, perceptions and memories of others and ourselves First impressions: based on physical attractiveness (attribute more positive qualities to those who are attractive. ==>attractive people/not necessarily romantic have advantage in all society) Social Schemas ( frameworks ): general knowledge in LTM of social 1
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experiences (you put someone you met into the group of file where he/she reminds you of) Stereotypes: assumption that members of a group are all alike (can be positive or negative) Prejudice: negative attitudes towards others based on gender, religion, race or other group characteristics (emotional, usually because of bad experience)
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"Ch13_Student - Chapter 13 Social Psychology...

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