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PSYC 120 Chapter 15: Professor LeBreton Chapter 15 Treatment and Therapy Psychotherapy *Definition: *People enter therapy in order to rid themselves of an abnormal behavior or to improve their daily living (personal growth) Psychodynamic Therapy * Psychoanalysis : (Freud) the root of all psychological problems are unconscious conflitcts c Free Association: talk about whatever comes to mind (uncensored) F Dream Analysis: “royal road to the unconscious” * Psychodynamic Therapy : Modern day Freudian therapy: explores the “deeper” reasons for a client’s problems (childhood issues, unconscious processes) r Transference: client transfers emotions from inner life (usually feelings towards parents) onto the therapist t Resistance: any unconscious attempt to subvert the therapy process Humanistic Therapy * Client-Centered Therapy: Carl Rogers: emphasizes the relationship between therapist and client (warmth, empathy) t Unconditional Positive Regard: therapist must always respect and like the client (build client’s self-esteem) 1
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Behavior Therapy *
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