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Gardner's Art Through the Ages: The Western Perspective Introduction: What is Art History Chronology - the dating of art objects and buildings Physical evidence - often reliably indicates an object's age Documentary Evidence - can help pinpoint the date of an object or building when a dated written document mentions the work. Internal Evidence - when an identifiable person or kind of hairstyle, clothing, or furniture fashionable only at a specific period is present Stylistic Evidence - analysis of style, an artist's distinctive manner of producing an object Period Style - the characteristic artistic manner of a specific time, usually within a distinct culture Regional Style - variations in style tied to geography Provenance - place of origin Personal Style - distinctive manner of individual artists or architects Iconography - the "writing of images", refers both to the content, or subject of an artwork, and to the study of content in art Symbols - images that stand for other images or encapsulate ideas Personifications - abstract ideas codified in human form Connoisseur
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Introduction-What_is_Art_History - Gardner's Art Through...

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