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Reproduction Allantois---An intermediate fetal membrane which contributes to the formation of the umbilical cord and placenta. Also, the allantochorion refers to the membrane formed Amnion---The intermost placental membrane surroungind the embryo which contains fluids that bathe the embryo Ampulla---An enlargement or dilation of the passageway; such as the innermost portion of the vas deferens in some male species, which is one of the accessory sex glands Androgen---A hormone associated with development of secondary sex characteristics Caruncles---Disc-like area of the uterine endometrial lining which with the fetal cotyledons form a strong connection known as the placentome Castration---Removal of permanent alteration of the testicles of a male animal Cells of Leydig---Interstitial cells of the testicle which produce the male sex hormone of androgens
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Cervix---Constricted neck –like structure located between the vagina and uterine body Chorion---Outermost placental membrane which makes contact with the maternal uterine endometrial lining Conception---Union of ovum and sperm; formation of the zygote Corpus albican---Term to denote tiny scars which remain after complete regression of earlier luteum Corpus luteum---Active tissue which develops on the ovary at the site where an ovum has been shed. If conception does not occur, the tissue gradually disappears. If conception does not occur, the tissue becomes functional, producing progesterone Cortex---Outer portion of an organ, such as ovary of kidney Cotyledon---Cup-shaped structure; area of the fetal chorion which connect with the uterine caruncles of the maternal host Cowper’s gland(s)---The paired accessory male sex glands posterior to
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Reproduction_Definitions - Reproduction Allantois-An...

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