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cuts_of_the_pig-1 - Pl 5 are"a and verfiftfle.’...

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Unformatted text preview: . Pl 5 are "a? and verfiftfle.’ -- Food \yl‘lh “MONTHS“ Ingram Marym excessdufry& D i gmty! ' figmm W3 mm Wm mm HR 1‘.“ .. u 5. 5::th nioremgs pmauce mmam . Ufa. tl'ITlUI'lI-UT, manure for the fields and gardens, in! and um gardens, naturally eradicate Porkmt Luci” '_ r . m1mmms,clmupcmps& W_ "Gamer W3 “L ......... Mfimm dwrbrusmmbkofaplyfsusefiuf Slaughter wwm " Bum/{er Main mama: ~ mama, an: M ft ffyou want it! ' Tall Head 1 MN” Grim. Soup Chem flan!” W SEMI-m mm mm mm Mil-9095 Km I'l- 11' I..-|..r.:-r.I.-| nun-cum . mum m “I: "ummm awn-nuns. Picnic Shoulder, 5 War 5““? Ask for flocks mm : mm: sums ms flwmmm 5pm ms 3 tbs 1’5“"‘35 “,D‘fiwm" PM; Foot “mm “W Cam rm. rm 5m ”‘1"? 5"” WWW?” W: n nFarmem VISTSUGAR MOUNTAIN FARM QN‘H-IE WE 0R STORIES FROMA SMALL FARM IN VERMONT @2006, 2008 Waflerjeffnes Permmron to use unaltered With Imk to http://SugathnFarm.cam ...
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