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Kindling---Act of parturition in the rabbit Lamb---A sheep less than 12 months of age (ex. ewe, lamb, ram) Lambing---Act of parturition in sheep Litter---The pigs farrowed by a sow or the pups whelped by a bitch at one delivery period (to farrow means to give birth to pigs) Mare---A mature female horse Mule---The cross resulting from mating a mare horse with a jack (male ass) Nanny---A female goat Non-ruminant---An animal without a rumen (Ex. a chicken or a pig; a
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Unformatted text preview: monogastric animal) • Nurse cow---A milk cow used to supply milk for nursing calves other than her own • Ovine---An animal of the subfamily Ovidae; sheep, goats • Pig---A young swine • Piglet---A little pig • Polled---Having no horns • Pony---Any small horse in the United States that doesn’t exceed 58 inches tall at maturity • Porcine---Pertaining to swine...
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Animal_Science_Definitions_Part4 - monogastric animal) •...

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