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Foaling---Act of parturition in the horse Fowl---Any bird, but usually refers to more mature poultry Gander---A mature male goose Gelding---A castrated male horse Get---The offspring from a male animal Gilt---A young female swine; until the first litter of pigs is farrowed Gosling---Any young goose Half-sib---A half-brother or half-sister Heifer---A female of the cattle species that has not borne a calf Heiferette---A female of the cattle species that has given birth but
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Unformatted text preview: finished for market rather than saved as a breeding animal Hen---An adult avian female Herd---A group of cattle or horses Hinny---The offspring of a stallion and a jenny (female jackass) Hutch---A group of rabbits Jack---A male un-castrated donkey (ass) Jenny---A female donkey (ass); a jenner Kid---A young goat or antelope Kidding---Act of parturition in the goat...
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Animal_Science_Definitions_Part3 - finished for market...

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