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Animal_Science_Definitions_part2 - Equine-Pertaining to a...

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Canine---Pertaining to the dog family Capon---Male chicken that has had its testes removed Cock---A male chicken; rooster Cockerel---A male chicken less than a year old Colt---An immature male horse Cow---A mature female bovine Dam---The female parent Doe---An adult female rabbit, goat, or deer Doe kid---An immature female goat Drake---An adult male duck Drove---A group of swine
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Unformatted text preview: Equine---Pertaining to a horse • Ewe---A female sheep • Farrowing---Act of parturition in swine • Feeder---A young animal which does not have a high finish (fatness) but shows evidence of ability to add weight economically • Filly---An immature young female horse; a young mare • Flock---A group of sheep • Foal---A young horse or mule of either sex (usually unweaned)...
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Animal_Science_Definitions_part2 - Equine-Pertaining to a...

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