Animal_ScienceDefinitionspart1-1 - Buck---A male sheep,...

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Animal Science Band---a group of goats Barrow---castrate pig Billy (goat)---a male goat Bitch---a female dog Boar---sexually mature un-castrated male pig Bovine---Pertaining to the ox or cow; of the family, Bovidae Broilers (fryers)---Chickens (meat type) that typically are marketed at about 50 days of age and about 4.5 pounds Brood---A group of baby chickens Brood animal---Animal reserved for breeding and raising young
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Unformatted text preview: Buck---A male sheep, goat, rabbit, deer or antelope Buck kid---An immature male goat Bull---A sexually mature un-castrated male bovine Bulling---Refers to a cow in heat (estrus) Bullock---Most commonly refers to young bulls grown and fattened in a similar manner to beef steers and heifers Burro---A donkey (ass) Calving---Act of parturition in cattle...
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Animal_ScienceDefinitionspart1-1 - Buck---A male sheep,...

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