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Animal Science 9-25-08 Artificial vagina has to be properly prepped: Size Temperature Birds only have one functional ovary: the left ovary Birds only lay 1 egg per day ≈300 eggs per year from the best birds Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnHR) Is produced in the hypothalamus and controls the release of FSH and LH FSH Stimulates follicle development within the ovaries LH Triggers ovulation/ release of the ova Estrogen Major production site is the ovaries an causes increase in LH release from anterior pituitary Progesterone Maintains pregnancy Estrus Cycle Proestrus –the beginning stages of follicle development Estrus -the period where the female is receptive to breeding Metestrus -following estrus and development of the CL Diestrus -highly active CL to a reduction in the estrogen production Animal
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Unformatted text preview: Gestation Length Cow 282 days ↘ Sow → 3 weeks 114 days ↗ Mare 336 days Ewe → 2-2 1/2 150 days Bird → Every day 1 day Fertilization • Usually occurs 24-36 hours after copulation in mammals and birds within 15-20 minutes of ovulation • Chicks develop completely in the egg and are independent of maternal care Placenta • Provide nutrients and vital gases • Removal of waste products • Production of hormones to maintain pregnancy • Chicks develop a placenta-like structure that provides an avenue for nutrients Parturition • Defined as giving birth • Around time of birth the hormone prolactin increases to stimulate milk synthesis • Hormone oxytocin brings about steady contractions Breeding • Artificial Insemination More genetic improvement through the use of sires...
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Animal_Science_9-25-08 - Gestation Length Cow 282 days ↘...

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