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Animal Science 9-23-08 Cont. Sperm Production Scrotum-aids in sperm production by keeping the testicles 4-8˚ cooler than the body temperature Cremaster muscle-the muscle which allows the testicles to move closer to the body (cold weather) or away from the body (hot weather) Pampiniform-a network of blood vessels above the testicles to assist in providing cooler blood to the testicles Tunica dartos-the elastic tissue and muscle fibers with the scrotal wall that contract and relax to aid in temperature control of testicles Factors Affecting Sperm Production: Nutrition -vitamin A and protein seem to be the critical nutrients involved in sperm production
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Unformatted text preview: Temperature-this is usually a temporary effect Age and Genetics-as animals age, they exhibit less libido and genetics can also have an effect Castration-removal of the testicles Cryptochids-when one or both testicles fail to descend in the scrotum Female Ovaries-the site of gamete formation Oviduct-connects the ovary to the uterine horn Horns-uterus, where embryo implants Cervix-the passage way between the uterus and vagina Vagina-female organ of copulation Vulva-external gentalia of the female...
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