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Animal_Science_9-17-08 - Reticulum • Omasum • Abomasum...

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Animal Science 9-17-08 Digestion Bile acids do two things: Emulsify fat into small particles and targeted for absoption A means for excretion of waste products (i.e. bliruben) Gall stones What are gall stones? Crystal-like particles that form in the gall bladder o Cholesterol ≈ 80% o Calcium/salts (and other) ≈ 20% Size can range from sand-like to golf ball Large Intestine Active absorption of electrolytes and water Tremendous amount of bacterial action to make certain witamins Horses and Rabbits Not ruminant or non-ruminant Similar to non-ruminant through small intestine Difference = large intestine Cecum Ruminant : very important since they convert grasses into material into products Rumination involves the process of regurgitation* Mature ruminants have 4 functional stomach compartments : Rumen
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Unformatted text preview: Reticulum • Omasum • Abomasum Reticulum is the site of fermentation of indigested materials, “honeycomb” Omasum can further crush and grind materials into small pieces Abomasum functions like a true stomach “non-ruminant” Pancreatic duct penetrates duodenal wall Endocrine functions : • Insulin Exocrine functions : • Majority of pancration secretions Liver • Performs metabolic and hematological regulation and produces bile • Histological organization Lobules containing single-cell thick plates of hepatocytes Lobules unite to form common hepatic duct o Duct meets cystic duct to form common bile duct Liver lobule is the basic functional unit of the liver: • Hepatocytes form irregular plates arranged in spoke-like patterns END OF TEST ONE MATERIAL...
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Animal_Science_9-17-08 - Reticulum • Omasum • Abomasum...

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