Animal_Science_8-28-08 - nutrition, and/or management. d)...

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Animal Science 8-28-08 Food – the prima ry product of agriculture Natural Fibers --wool, cotton, and leather are also important products, valuable to society and the economy. Plant and Animal Products —cereals, veggies, fruits, meat, etc. all provide nutrients essential for human life. In 1980 nearly 33% of money spent on food at home US meat exports have gone WAY up Poultry the most, then beef, then pork Japan and China have increased meat consumption per person The number of farms in America has SHARPLY declined What do these trends mean? a) Food production will continue to be in fewer hands b) We need to become more efficient c) Increased production mat come through advancements in biotechnology, genetics,
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Unformatted text preview: nutrition, and/or management. d) Is there a threat to this type of integration? People not embracing it Terrorist attacks could hurt the food supply Indiana loses approximately 8 acres per hour of prime farm land to urban development each year 50% of land is used for livestock 50% of farms are less than or equal to 180 acres A customer you are looking for land for wants about 18 acres. You see some land that is 1020 by 790. Will this land work for what your customer wants? 1020 x 790= 805,800 sq.ft. 43,560 ft./acre = 18.49 acres The property is 18.49 acres so yes it will work for your customer....
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Animal_Science_8-28-08 - nutrition, and/or management. d)...

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