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dr. chiodo chap 9 review - Understanding the Power of...

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Understanding the Power of Business Letters and the Process of Writing A good business letter can get you a job interview, get you off the hook, or get you money Why Business Letters are still necessary A letter remains one of the most powerful and effective ways to get youe message across Business letters are necessary when: 1. A permanent record is required 2. Confidentiality is paramount 3. Formality and sensitivity are essetnuak 4. A persuastuive well considered presentations tis important Business Letter Prodice a Permanent Record Busi. Letters introduce an agreement with another co and record decisions and pts of understandin They deliver contracts, explain terms, exchange ideas, negotiate agreements, answer vendor questions, and maintain customer relations Business Letters can be confidential Despite the sneering term snail mail, plain old letters are the form of long distance communication least likely to be intercepted, misdirected, forwarded, retrieves or inspected by someone else Business Letters convey formality Look important They carry a message that the message is signigifcant They deliver more info like a stationary, logo, addresses, titles, and contact details Business Letters Deliver Persuasive, Well considered messages More persuasive than any other communication channel Persuades ppl to change action, adopt new beliefs, make donatons, contribute their time and try new products Represent deliberate communication
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Direct mail is a powerful tool to promote services and products, boost online and retail traffic and solicit contributions Applying the 3x3 writing Pricess to Create a Successful letter Three groups of letters: 1. Routine letters communicating straightforward requests, replies, and goodwill messages 2. Persuasive messages including sales pitches 3. Negative messages delivering bad news
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