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AGEC331 1.29.09 P ROSPECTING The Role of Prospecting in Strategic Selling Prospecting is identifying potential new customers A prospect is a Potential customer Identifying prospects, converting them to customers is one of a salesperson’s most improtant tasks The Role of Prospecting Some loss of customers are normal but with concentration of business and growing competition its worse Constant and systematic prospecting is necessary to offset these losses A systematic and planned prospecting process also helps you to make the most efficient use of time Five Rules for Successful Prospecting 1. The Prospecting paln must help you achieve all your sales goals 2. Study your market to know what is changing and can identify hgih potential prospects 3. Use a variety of prospecting methods 4. Qualify your prospects 5. Develop a system for profiling prospects using important information to prepare a selling strategy The Prospecting Process 1. 2. Confirm Sales Goals 3. Analyze Market 4. Determine Resource Allocation 5. Go Prospecting 6. Prioritize by Name 7. Develop a Strategy 1. The Prospecting Process – Confirm Sales Goals Make sure your goals are consistent with company marketing strategy if at all possible
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AGEC331_1-1.29.09 - AGEC331 1.29.09 PROSPECTING Prospecting...

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